Boise State University FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIP Eligibility, Selection Criteria Application

It is great that Boise State University has established the Timken Scholarship for ITI Students 2022-2023. The scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to students who are enrolled in programmes offered by Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). The following is an outline of the most important information concerning the application procedure, as well as the eligibility requirements and selection criteria for this scholarship:


  • Students currently enrolled in one of the several programmes that are provided by Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) in India are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • At the time the scholarship application was due, applicants needed to have either earned fewer than 14 post-high school semester credits or no college credits at all.
  • Students need to demonstrate that they live in Idaho.

Selection criteria:

  • The selection of scholarship recipients is based on merit, which takes into consideration factors such as the candidates’ academic performance and other accomplishments.
  • Students have until the given date to complete the admissions process, submit the FAFSA, and be Pell Grant Eligible* according to the determinations made by the FAFSA. Only then will they be considered for the True Blue Promise award.
  • The admissions materials that were received by the scholarship deadline will determine whether or not an applicant is considered for the True Blue Promise, Dean’s, or Presidential scholarships. The application for admission and any transcript(s) are required components of a comprehensive application. Before the deadline, all of the requirements must be fulfilled.

Process of application:

  • Apply for Admissions: Applicants need to submit a complete application for admissions to Boise State University in order to be automatically considered for the True Blue Promise, Dean’s, or Presidential scholarships. Applicants may get more information on how to apply for admissions here. The admissions application and any relevant transcript(s) are required components of a comprehensive application. On the website for Boise State University is where one can get information regarding the application deadline for admission.
  • Observe the Time Limit: There is no need to submit any further paperwork in order to be considered for the award. After an admissions decision has been made, scholarship winners will be notified through the letter of admission, and the scholarships will be made visible in the Student Centre three weeks after the decision has been made.
  • Students are required to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Boise State Scholarship Application in order to be evaluated for need-based scholarships and federal financial aid. Boise State University also requires students to fill out their own scholarship application. The priority deadline for the FAFSA’s autumn application is February 15, while the priority deadline for the spring application is October 1.
  • It is absolutely necessary for students to look over the Scholarship Policies that may be found on the website of the university for additional information.
  • Please take note that the information provided is solely connected to the scholarships that Boise State University offers to new students from Idaho during the following academic years: summer 2023, fall 2023, and spring 2024. It is possible that the eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and application process for scholarships for new nonresident students (summer 2023, fall 2023, and spring 2024) will be different from one another. Additional information regarding these scholarships can be found on the website of Boise State University.

Students at Boise State University can go to the university’s website and look at the page labelled “Financial Aid and Scholarships” to find more information regarding financial aid and scholarships offered by the university.

The Timken Scholarship for ITI Students 2022-2023 is, all things considered, an outstanding opportunity for students who are currently enrolled in courses at Industrial Training Institutes to obtain financial aid and support towards their study at Boise State University.

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